College Square Swimming Club
College Square Swimming Club
Disciplines of Water Sports

Swimming is a popular recreational water sports which has been recorded since the prehistoric times. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, having events in Freestyle, Backstroke Breaststroke and Butterfly. It is an acknowledged fact that swimming is the best form of exercise one can go in for at any age and one should learn it being a life saving sport. Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength, enhance cardiovascular fitness and de-stresses one’s body. Scientific training of swimming was started in India for almost a century back with Kolkata being its birth place. College Square Swimming Club is one of the pioneers in imparting scientific swimming in India since 1917.

Water Polo
Water polo is a team ball game played in water consisting of four quarters in between two teams with seven players on each side including one goalkeeper. The team which scores most number of goals wins the game. It is one of the toughest sports on earth and played in the Olympics since 1900. The origin of water polo is in England in the mid-19th century as an aquatic version of rugby. Water polo was introduced in India by the British in the early twentieth century in Kolkata. College Square Swimming Club trains swimmers in water polo as one of its aquatic discipline and have Olympians & other international players in its hall of fame.

Diving is the artistic discipline of aquatics. This graceful aquatic event has two divisions – Spring Board with 1 meter & 3 meter heights and High Board with 5 meter & 10 meter heights. In the 1904 Olympics Diving stepped in as Spring Board event. As a fanciful event one may chose to learn diving and excel in this branch of aquatics. Our Club provides coaching in Diving to the aspiring swimmers to reach National and International levels. We have the latest Duraflex Fibre Spring Board installed where the youngsters are invited to get the maximum benefit and utilize the wide scope in diving.

College Square Swimming Club