College Square Swimming Club
College Square Swimming Club
Rules and Regulations for Members
  1. Any one willing to become an associate member of the Club shall apply to the General Secretary of the Club duly proposed and seconded by two Senior Members of the Club of 5 (Five) years standing. The Executive Committee may refuse admission to any applicant without assigning any reason whatsoever. It is compulsory for all members below 18 years of age to produce their Birth Registration Certificate (issued by Municipal Corporation or School Authority) and bring with them their natural guardian at the time of admission.

  2. No members should get into the water with oil over the body or hair. Members must take a shower bath before entering into the water of the Inner Pool.

  3. Every one must take off their shoes before entering the MINI POOL and the MULTI GYM.

  4. A member should not be accompanied by more than one person at a time inside the MINI POOL.

  5. Eating and Smoking inside the MINI POOL and MULTI GYM is prohibited.

  6. Timings of swimming as notified are fixed. No member will be permitted to get into the water other than his/her scheduled batch time or without the presence of trainer or supervisor.

  7. Every member must deposit their membership card with club authority and put their signature on roster before getting into the water and collect the same after leaving water.

  8. All Novices must wear Red cap, all Pool Beginners must wear White cap & all Beginners must wear Yellow cap while they are practicing in water.

  9. When a novice member is promoted as Pool Beginner he/she will be transferred to the Pool Beginner Batch at 6:05 pm. Those Pool Beginners who will become Beginner based on their performance will compulsorily be transferred to the Outer Pool within the same season.

  10. Swimmer Test will be taken in the Outer Pool only.

  11. Selection of Advance Swimmers from all age groups will depend on the performances of the swimmers as adjudged by the Coaches and the concerned club authority; and they will be only trained after the consent of their parent is received.

  12. The Club or the Pool may be closed due to power failure or shortage of water supply or due to any cleaning work of the pool if required or any other reasons as deemed fit by the Club Authority on any day or part of the day during the season.

  13. No one should rinse wet costumes or towels inside the Club pavilion. It may be rinsed at the place of shower or bathroom.

  14. No one should get into the water with any bangles, finger rings, ear rings, necklaces or armlets, etc.

  15. No person should get inside the Club pavilion, Swimming Pool or Multi Gym after taking anything intoxicating or any abusive drugs.

  16. Every person taking membership must be clinically fit to join swimming/gym.

  17. Any change of Address and Telephone Number by a member should be brought to notice of the Club authority in writing at once.

  18. Any member found guilty of any misbehaviour or unsporting conduct or willful breach of any rules of the Club may be suspended by the Club Authority.

  19. Members are not supposed to pay any gratuity of any sort to the coaches or trainers.

  20. Any Bye-laws or Rules that may be framed by the Executive Committee from time to time shall come into force and will be binding on the members.

  21. Swimming remains closed on SUNDAY EVENING and MONDAY MORNING.

  22. Multi Gym remains closed on SUNDAY and MONDAY fully.

  23. OFFICE HOURS: 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM. (Monday Morning & Sunday Evening - CLOSED)

  24. Membership opens from 1st January every year. Members are to produce their membership card of the previous year at the time of taking membership each year. Associate Membership will be terminated on 31st December every year.

College Square Swimming Club