College Square Swimming Club
College Square Swimming Club
The facilities of CSSC include the following:-

A) Inner pool (filtered water) –

(1) Training batches for novice Children from 3 years to 10 years of age - one batch in the morning and six batches in the evening.

(2) Training batches for Junior (11 years to 17 years) and adults (above 18 years) – two such novice batches and one swimmer batch in the morning.

(3) Training batches for Ladies and Girls (above 12 years) - two such batches – one novice and one beginner-cum-swimmer batch during mid-day, i.e. 11:30 AM to 12:35 PM

(4) Two swimmer batches in the evening for male adult swimmers only (meant for the office goers and businessmen).

B) Outer pool (College Square tank) –

(1) Training batches for Junior (11 years to 17 years) and Adults (male only) – three novice batches in the morning only.

(2) General Swimmers batches – each in the morning and the evening

(3) Advance Swimmers, Water polo Players and Divers practice both in the morning and evening according to their practice schedule fixed by their coaches who prepare for their competitive feat.

C) Advance Training for Competitions-

The Club imparts advance training to the capable swimmers, water polo players and the divers for taking part in the district, state, national and international level of competitions and promotes swimming as a discipline of sports in the country. Now a Swimming Academy has been formed for swimmers participating in competitions

D) Multi Gym Facility-

Multi Gym facility has been added by us in our curriculum since 2002. The Multi Gym provides temperature regulated modern gym facility to the members – both for the ladies and gents separately. The male sections are held both in the morning and evening and the Ladies section operates during the mid-day.

CSSC holds the following events annually,-

Apart from this, the Club keep its members busy throughout the year by imparting physical training for the children and the advanced swimmers during the winter, arrange for table tennis practice and garden party once a year.

College Square Swimming Club